The Relation Of “I Want Candy” By The Strangeloves And The Film’s Title

Exploring the films and releases that have been created overseas can do much to improve your selection and allow you to create a more comprehensive film library and find greater enjoyment from your future viewings. Limiting yourself to only domestic films could be a serious oversight, especially for avid movie watchers and film buffs who may be interested in expanding their options and exploring new types of films. The signature dry wit of many British comedy films can be just the thing for enjoying a relaxing evening at home or finding a film that will keep your guests entertained.Continue Reading…

What It Was Like Working With Carmen Electra In “I Want Candy”

The British comedy “I Want Candy” stars Tom Riley, Tom Burke and Carmen Electra. In the movie, Electra plays Candy Fiveways, an adult film star.

In interviews about the film, Electra has consistently stated how much fun it was to work with the British cast and crew. Likewise, other cast members have commented on Electra’s professionalism on set. Playing the role of an adult film star is particularly tricky for any actress. Electra is known for her sexy persona anyway, but she works hard in “I Want Candy” Continue Reading…

How A Film Raises A Budget: Featuring “I Want Candy”

Filmmakers raise money for their movies in a variety of ways. They can apply for an investor loan or use their own money for production. “I Want Candy”, is a British comedy film that was made in 2007. The movie featured Carmen Electra, Tom Riley and Michelle Ryan. The film is about two misfits who are making their first movie. They can’t raise any money for their movie so they turn to to a porn producer.

The movie will have you laughing from beginning to end. The movie makes you consider how filmmakers raise the enormous funds they need to Continue Reading…

A Bittersweet Treat that Leaves You Hungry

Anyone with Direct tv has probably seen this one floating around the listings. Pitched ironically as a kind of British American Pie, the film “I Want Candy” is somewhat of a bittersweet piece than a full on treat.

The plot of the film is pretty juvenile in so far as it is a sex comedy. It follows the story of a couple of film students trying to find funding for their project. The only problem is that the only man who will back this project will only do so on the condition that they make it into a porno. From there, hilarity ensues as two men poorly suited for the smut industry attempt to make the whole thing work.

There are plenty of genuine laughs, certainly, and this may well prove to be one of the better modern comedies of our time. Unfortunately, where it falls short is the obvious identity crisis this film suffers.

It has all the pacing and sophistication of a British film with all the juvenile potty humor and sex jokes of a Eugene Levy train wreck. It wants to please both the thinking men and the frat fools and it comes off as kind of an awkward excursion into biting off more than you can chew.

It’s not a bad film. It’s just not quite as satisfying as you might think.

What The Initial Impact Of “I Want Candy” Made On The Music Industry

The feature film “I Want Candy”, starring Tom Riley, Tom Burke and Carmen Electra, made an immediate impact on the music industry upon the film’s release in 2007.

First, the title song for the film “I Want Candy” was recorded by Melanie C, formally of the Spice Girls. Melanie C was releasing her album “This Time” in 2007 and the publicity from this song helped boost album sales. The song was included as a bonus track on “This Time”, which proved to be a modest success for the singer. Melanie C’s version of “I Want Candy” was produced by Stephen Hague, Continue Reading…

What It Was Like Shooting “I Want Candy” In West London

What happens when a bunch of film students get together and accidentally create a porno?

“I Want Candy” is a 2007 British film that examines exactly that.

The raunchy comedy follows two college students, Joe (Tim Riley) and Baggy (Tom Burke), who have big dreams but not enough money to fund them. Determined to break into the business, they turn to an adult film producer who agrees to give them the cash they need – but with a catch. They have to Continue Reading…

Here’s A List From The Director Of “I Want Candy” That Inspired The Film

Stephen Surjik, who directed the film “I Want Candy”, has had his shares of successes and failures. “I Want Candy” is a film about two film students who aim to break into the film industry with their script. However, they get rejection after rejection from producers they have offered their work to. This, until they meet a porn producer who was willing to spend on their film, but with a catch. They have to modify the story to make it appeal to adult Continue Reading…

What It’s Like Shooting A Movie On A Low Budget: Featuring “I Want Candy”

The film world is a wonderous place and each year thousands of would-be filmmakers embark on low-budget projects that they hope will make them stars. In 2007 one such film hit it big in the United Kingdom. “I Want Candy” chronicles a group of film students as they spiral, comically, into the world of erotica and the porn industry. The low-budget, NYC Direct TV, indie film was eventually picked up for national release due to its outstanding cast and unique plot line. The film, shot in West London, had a budget of just $1,000,000 when it was shot in 2007.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. The low budget required some seriously, adept editing work and a superb cast. There simply was not enough money for retakes and changing of scenes. What the viewer ends up getting is a raw, edgy and hilarious parody about the film industry. Shooting on a low budget certainly isn’t ease. It must be completed quickly. The film has to be raw and often times actors are expected to adlib as they see fit, but many times, a low budget film offers a rawness in filmmaking that one no longer sees from “blockbusters” with multimillion dollar backing. Low budget films bring back the original art of filmmaking and must rely on tried-and-true filmmaking methods.